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About this project

This website is dedicated to the extraordinary spirit of our Issei women and is made possible by the support of Nihonmachi Little Friends, the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program and the National Park Service Japanese American Confinement Sites program.


Japanese Immigration to America

Dreaming of a New Life

Under construction

Image: "Issei picnic" Hatsumi Ishii


The Birth of Their Dream

Under construction


Japanese Americans During and After World War II

The Nightmare and Dreamscapes

Under construction

Friends in Need

The American Friends Service Committee (1942 - 1960)

Under construction

The Redevelopment Era: Community Heritage Under Siege

Just a Dream  (1960 - 2002)

Under construction

Reclaiming the Issei Women's Legacy

Reawakening - The Struggles for 1830 Sutter

Under construction


Honoring the Legacy

Their Dreams Continue

Under construction

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